Why Artists Are Using Instagram To Market Their Brands

If you have been following those in the creative space lately, you may have noted that Instagram has become their favorite marketing tool for the last few years. Most of them no longer depend on marketing agencies that used to charge high commissions and thus reduce their overall earnings. Some may argue that social media marketing is a bubble that is likely to burst soon, but it is here to stay. This is because various developers have been rolling out creative features to make marketing more effective. The following are the reasons why artists are using Instagram to market their brands.

    1. Easy to establish an online presence

Not so long ago, artists depended on hand-holding so that they get known to the outside world. Musicians mostly depended on airplay from radios which sometimes required kickbacks. The social media age has made marketing easy for artists as they no longer depend on godfathers. You just have to post quality content and be consistent, and you are good to go. You can post clips and photos of your work for the world to see. Your Instagram account will be your online album that shows all your previous works.

    1. Automation of marketing is a reality

Many upcoming artists miss hundreds of opportunities due to lack of enough finances for their marketing campaigns. Marketing is a very important function but still demands time and financial resources. You can escape the tedious process of searching for hashtags, engaging customers and searching for new followers through automation. You can also schedule your posts for a week or even a month which ensures that you can concentrate on other tasks to improve your career. The nature of features that you get from an automation tool depends on the bot you choose. You can check reviews of some of the best here.

    1. Easy to target customers

The essence of marketing is to get specific results, but sometimes you do not have a way of measuring. A good example is when you pay for an ad on the TV or radio, it is hard to know the number of people who get the message. Instagram allows you to place ads targeting specific people based on features such as region, age, and buying habits just to mention a few. You can also have groups where you post content to your followers and lock out others from the same post. You can use various tools to measure the performance of your campaigns in real-time.