Which Situations Is Invisalign Queens Suitable For?

You may be considering invisalign Queens as an option for improving your smile but may be wondering it is the right solution. Just like other people, you wish to have the “killer-smile.” A smile that makes you feel confident and also allows you to show all teeth without fear or holding back. However, with several options in the market, you are finding it hard to make the right choice. One of the choices you have is invisalign which entails using clear custom molded aligners .The good news though is that invisalign is undoubtedly one of the best techniques in the market, and comes handy in the situations below.


One of the situations that can be corrected by Queens invisalign is crowding. These conditions can occur due to several reasons. It may develop when the primary or milk teeth don’t come out as supposed to. This means that the secondary or permanent teeth will have no space to grow in hence will squeeze in between the little spaces. The other situation is when the jaws are much smaller than normal. This leads to the teeth having to compete for the little available space. Overcrowding in this case may affect either the lower or upper jaw, or both jaws. The correct invisalign procedure will help deal with the shortcomings.

Protruding Teeth

Another common problem in Queens that may be rectified by the right invisalign procedure is protruding teeth. This condition may affect the lower, upper or both jaws. It normally occurs due to several reasons. For instance, a person may be born with small jaws which can’t accommodate all the teeth. Bad habits such as exerting pressure with the tongue at a young age may push the teeth out. The correct invisalign Queens helps correct protruding teeth by exerting mild pressure that pushes the teeth back. It takes several clear aligners to correct the situation, and each aligner may be used for about two weeks before another set is developed.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are one of the most common teeth problems in the region. It is also the most mentioned when it comes to using invisalign. Crooked teeth come in various forms and each will require a unique approach. Crooked teeth may mean teeth that are overlapping thus are not evenly spaced. It may also mean teeth that have moderate spacing in between. The goal of using clear aligners is to push the teeth that are too way out back inside the jaw, or reduce the spaces that are in between the teeth. A qualified specialist is able to use computer generated diagrams to create a mold that will offer the best results.

The above are some of the major conditions that can be corrected by using invisalign technique. This technique stands out from the rest because of high efficiency, the clear aligners are almost invisible, and each mold is made according to a person’s teeth. The aligners can easily be removed when about to eat or brushing the teeth. Invisalign Queens is also made from a material that is comfortable, safe and user-friendly.