Top five DIY Tools for Every Enthusiast

The tools for any DIY expert are as vital as the skills the expert has. The toolbox needs to complement the kind of work you plan to do. Every task is different in its way, which is why the tools you might need for a given project will not be the same tools you will need for a different project. However, there are a few tools that are ideal for general use.


A hammer is necessary for any project, whether you are building a shed or repairing a log cabin. You need a lightweight hammer with a good grip for light tasks such as fixing upholstery, nails, and tacks. On the other hand, a heavier hammer or a mallet is ideal for bigger jobs such as making holes in a wall or knocking down a wall.


You use screws to hold together everything from eyeglasses to window shutters. The good thing is that screw drivers come in sets; it depends upon you to pick the right set. The screwdrivers will come with different tips including star or flat. These sets come in different sizes, choose the right one that suits your needs.

The best screwdriver is the one that has a good handle and tamper-resistant. The tips should be magnetic so that you can use the screwdriver to carry the screw for proper positioning.


A set of pliers is good for loosening connections, tightening them and bending wires. The pliers also come in different designs. Long-nosed pliers are useful for use in harder-to-reach areas such as corners or for handling work that is more delicate.

Power Tools

Powered tools are easy to use and can save you a lot of time. A cordless drill is essential for making holes in different kinds of holes. When choosing a power tool, make sure you consider the different speed settings and applicability. The good thing with power tools is that they are versatile. For instance, you can use a cordless drill to tighten screws. Power tools should be on your list of achievements because they aren’t so easy to use.


These are necessary for loosening and tightening different kinds of pipes as well as nuts. You can get a wrench depending on the size.

Last Words

You can save a lot of money by undertaking your projects in the home. Some of the small projects need the help of a professional. Take time to have the right tools to handle these projects the right way.