The Need for an Impact Driver

A long time ago, you had to turn the handle of the screwdriver hard enough to push a stubborn screw in a panel or any other material. This era is over, and now you can use an impact driver to push the screw through. From corded impact drivers, times changed, and now you can use a cordless driver for the same purpose. This means you can move with the impact driver from task to task without the need to plug it into a socket.

So, why should you choose cordless impact drivers from over the other kinds of drivers?

They Are Compact

Compared to their counterparts, these drivers are smaller and lighter in eight. The small size allows you to squeeze the driver into confined and awkward spaces that conventional drivers cannot manage.

They Are Packed with Enough Power

The average cordless impact driver can deliver up to 150NM of torque. This power is adjustable, allowing you to use what you need at any particular time depending on the job you are handling.

The considerable power means that you can deliver larger screws into tough materials faster than before with so much little effort. The power is transferred through the anvil that delivers the power through the screwdriver bit.

All you have to do is to put a little pressure and let the driver do the task at hand. So, if you have been limited as to what kinds of materials you can handle in your home, using the cordless impact driver allows you to extend your tasks to tougher materials.

Minimum Kickback

If you have ever used a cordless drill driver, you know what kickback means. It happens when you are driving large screws into a hard material. During the process, the motor experiences some resistance, which in turn makes it harder for the chuck to turn.

If the resistance is so high, the motor won’t be able to turn at all, and the motor power that is supposed to go through the bit gets transferred back into the body of the drill, turning it in your hand. This is what is known as a, and it can strain your arm.

If you are using the drill at high speed, you run the risk of injuring your arm. However, you can do away with this issue by opting for the right cordless impact driver. It has a high torque that can overcome the resistance that normally causes kick back.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you take time to understand your requirements for an impact driver, and pick the best.