Purchasing the Right Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter makes it easy to cut various materials to size. However, you need the right tool to enjoy the benefits that come with it. Let us look at what you need to consider before making the purchase.

The Presence or Absence of an Inverter

You need to know that not all plasma cutters are created equal. Some come with inverters, and some do not. Those that come with inbuilt inverters make the plasma cutter more portable. The inverter is small though and allows the plasma cutter to be smaller making it suitable for those that need to move from place to place with the cutter.

The Price

The cost of the plasma cutter depends on the power specifications of the plasma cutter. You will find that the plasma cutters that work at a regular 110/120V cost less than those that run at 220/240V.

The low voltage machines restrict the kind of work you can do with the cutter, while their compatriots can handle heavy duty cutting applications.

The amperage also comes into focus. The higher the amperage, the more you end up paying for the plasma cutter. The kind of amperage you choose is determined by the thickness of the metals. If you plan to cut a thick metal that is more than 1inch thick, you need to have a plasma cutter with an amperage of 80 or more. Click here to check out different models.


All the cutters must have various controls. They need to come with a power switch and various ways to adjust the settings depending on the kind of material being cut. Modern cutters come with LED indicators to make it easy for you to understand what to do. Some come with digital controls that are very precise, though this makes them more expensive.


Some cutters are made to be used exclusively indoors. However, the changes in technology have made it easy for these cutters to be used outdoors as well. These come with a secure housing that allows you to use it in different environments.

The cutters also come with automated functions that you might use, though at a higher cost. A top automated function is a cooling fan that operates only when necessary and goes off when you do not need it. There are also many auto-functions as well, and those units that do not include these functions are less pricey.


Getting the right plasma cutter makes it easy for you to get the efficiency you need.