Picking the Right Skateboard Needs Tact

Whether you are purchasing your first skateboard or you are adding to a collection that you have; you need to follow a few pieces of advice. The electric skateboard has been around for ages, but it is just of recent that technology took centre stage in the design of these boards.

With more and more models entering the market, it is just prudent that you find a way to get the best board for your needs. So, how do you go about getting the right skateboard from a reputable dealer such as The Electric Rider?

How waterproof is it?

Rain is so unpredictable – reason enough to find out whether the skateboard you are buying is waterproof. If it is, then you can comfortably get caught in the rain and never worry. However, if the board isn’t waterproof, a little rain might destroy the parts that make up the board.

Some of the parts that might be destroyed when exposed to water include the pulley drive, belt, and the ball bearings.

The Warranty

You need the manufacturer to provide a comprehensive warranty to you. These boards go through tough handling and are exposed continuously to rough terrain at high speeds. Due to this, wear and tear happens very quickly

No matter the quality of design and the materials used, the skateboard can easily break down with regular use. Make sure you read the fine print for the warranty before you decide to purchase.

The Battery Lifespan

There is nothing as frustrating as going for a ride to a friend’s house only to realize that you don’t have enough firepower to get you back home. Pushing the skateboard isn’t cool at all! If the board comes with belt technology, then the resistance will wear you down.

When it comes to how to get the batteries, the bigger, the better. It is a well-known fact that the larger your battery, the more power it holds and the further you can ride when it is fully charged. However, not all batteries are made of the same technology, which makes it wise for you to research about the battery and confirm that is made using high-quality cells.

The rule is that the battery should provide at least 1 hour of continuous ride time or 20 miles regarding range. Anything less and you need to look the other way. However, your body size also comes into play because the heavier you are, the more loads you present to the board and the more power used to get you where you need to go.

In Closing

Make sure you check out these tips to help you get the perfect electric skateboard for your needs.