Mistakes That Will Lead To Termination Of Your Instagram Account

Have you ever asked people why they prefer social media marketing over other forms of marketing? The most probable answers will be the ease of use, many people are on social media and you do not need formal training to do it. All of them are true but some have suffered the wrath of social administrators after their accounts were suspended or terminated altogether. Imagine waking up and finding that your Instagram account with millions of followers has been suspended or terminated. Growing another one from scratch can be tiresome and that is why you need to protect your account. The following are some of the reasons that might land you in trouble with Instagram owners

    1. Spamming other people’s walls and inboxes

If you think that sending sales messages to your followers frequently will increase conversions, then you are wrong. Instagram users can report your messages as spam and several reports might lead to the suspension of your account. Analyze every message before you send it to potential customers to see whether it is adding value to them or not. Do not let other people spam your inbox or timeline as well as this might scare away potential customers. Request your followers if it is okay to tag them in your posts before they go live.

    1. Spreading fake news

The social space is very serious when it comes to fake news that is aimed at tainting the image of others. Stringent measures are being put in place to ensure that consumers get information that is correct and educational. If an Instagram user reports your account for spreading fake news, the company will put you on spot and take necessary measures. You are not allowed to demean your competitors but always exercise healthy competition when marketing. Ensure that the product you advertise on your account is the same that reaches your customers.

    1. Use of uncouth ways to get followers

Having many followers increases your chances of converting them to buyers. You might be tempted to buy fake followers to pimp your account and create an impression that you are very active. Such an idea is against the terms of use of Instagram and will lead to the closure of your account. You can still get more followers by outsourcing this function to a company that gets organic and real followers. You can check out the Managed Social website and learn what this is all about.