Interesting Facts About Fireworks

At some point you may have used fireworks for entertainment purposes. Did you know that your generation is not the first to use them? Fireworks have been in existence for over 2,000 years. They were first used by the Chinese more than 2,000 years ago. Although there is no conclusive evidence, fireworks were thought to have been used as early as the 7th Century in China.

If you do a bit of research, you will discover that close to 90% of all the fireworks used in the world originate from China. This can be attributed to the fact that the country has a long tradition of using fireworks. As you go about looking for fireworks for sale online, it is therefore highly likely that they are sourced from China.

After fireworks were discovered it took a long time for them to reach Europe. The first recorded fireworks display in England was during the wedding of King Henry VII way back in 1486. You may also be interested to learn that they were initially used to ward off evil spirits in China. However, in certain parts of China, they were associated with prosperity and thus the reason they were used in many festivities.

If you are planning a fireworks display at home, you should keep in mind that they are likely to scare your pets. If possible, you should keep the pets indoors if you plan to light them outside. If you have the pets around during a display, it might scare them to running off.

Did you know that in 2010, Portugal set up a record of firing the biggest firework rocket? The rocket weighed an unbelievable 13 kg and was produced and launched in the country. Still on records, the largest chocolate firework created measured 3m high and had a diameter of 1.5m. The firework weighed 60 Kg and contained Swiss Cailler Chocolates. This amazing firework was released in Zurich for the New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2002.

Speaking of more records, it appears that Portugal is determined to break all the fireworks records. The country boasts the biggest fireworks display ever ignited in the world. This feat was achieved in 2006 when 66,326 fireworks were set off in the country. Other countries that use a lot of fireworks include France that sets off a lot of fireworks for the Bastille Day.

The UK also uses a lot of fireworks during the Guy Fawkes Night, a huge national celebration held every November 5th. Queen Elizabeth is known to love fireworks so much that she even created a honorary title ”Fire Master of England” for the individual that makes the best display of fireworks.

If you plan to use rocket fireworks, have you ever wondered how fast they travel? Well, the rocket firework can travel to a speed of up to 150 Mph after launch. Once launched, the shell can go up to 200 Meters high. When looking for fireworks for sale online, you should inquire about the distance of the fireworks to avoid them landing in unintended places.

During the manufacture and handling of fireworks, one should only wear cotton clothing. It is dangerous to wear the type of clothing that releases static electricity because it might end up setting off the fireworks.