How To Use Instagram For Social Good

There are many people in the society who just want to have a positive impact in the society and change the lives of the people around. If you belong to this class, you already know it is not that easy to sell your idea and make it known. Not too long ago, the only avenues to pass such messages was through religious groups, use of political setups or other organized groups to get some audience. This has changed over the years after the introduction of the digital era which has made information flow very easy. The following are some of the ways you can use Instagram for social good

    1. Share stories

If you want to really connect with people that you want to help advance their lives, then you have to offer solutions that they are looking for. It even gets better when you share stories of past projects or what you intend to do. An ideal welfare group will always have a good story to tell the audience that relates to the problems they are facing. You can share your stories through images or short videos that you post on a regular basis. Have some courtesy and tag people in your graphics when you share your stories.

    1. Reach more people

You may be having a very unique cause and gathering people in need of your services might be an uphill task. However, there will always be people looking for your services but connecting with them is the hard part. Instagram can be the missing link as there are millions of people who use this platform every month. You will require a huge following on this platform to increase the chances of meeting the right audience. You can use growth companies to get real followers and get your account verified but just ensure that you check reviews such as thisĀ

    1. Connect with donors

You may be having a very noble idea that will change the livelihoods of thousands of people but you do not have the resources. On the other hand, there may be people who are willing to share the little they have and uplift the lives of others. You can use Instagram to raise such resources and ensure that it reaches the intended recipients. You just have to come up with a funding campaign and target the right people. Ensure that you are transparent on how you spend the resources that you intend to raise.