How to Design an ID Card Like The Pros

When designing an ID card for your organization members, company or school you need to get started by collecting the information you want to be on the card. Only once you have done that you can start the design work. Most people make this mistake and end up with a ton of info not fitting or having to leave information out. Personally, I’m a minimalist so it wouldn’t happen to me but others do have that problem.

Personal information

Obviously, you want the name of the person on the ID card and perhaps his birth date as an absolute minimum, others would also want their height and weight on the card, which only makes it nasty when working with a youngster and people gain and lose weight so I wouldn’t include that. Other things you might want to include are their role at the company, the floor they are working on, other company relevant things like the department and what not.

Enhanced security

This can be in the shape of chips like a regular chip or a magnetic strip or you can take it one step further by adding a holographic overlay or fingerprint. All of this takes more space than you think so it’s absolutely necessary to think about this before you move it over to your designer.

Signatures & encoding

Do you require your employee to put a signature on his card for a double or better said triple check when you run into them? Sometimes the most basic ways to verify someone’s identity, in case you think someone’s card is stolen is asking them to replicate the signature if they fail at that you know you have a thief in the house and can call the police.

Picture of employee

This definitely gets my vouch as it makes it a lot less attractive for people to get their hands on an ID card that doesn’t belong to them. In the chemical factory I was working we only had our name and employers number on the card which is far from sufficient knowing how sensitive the products we were working with are.

Single or dual sided?

This one should actually be on top of this list as when you use both sides it leaves room for a ton more information, about anything you want but don’t forget you also have to protect the privacy of your employees, you don’t want to print their full address on the card in case it gets stolen or other sensitive information about children and what not.

Logo of your organization

How much space will you need for that and how prominent do you want it to be. Most companies definitely want their logo there and if your logo is bigger than others it can easily consume 1/3rd of the card. If that is the case you definitely want to go for a dual-sided card to prevent any issues.