Five Unique Industries That Use Industrial Ink Printing

The average person envisions printers as machines used largely in the workplace and in the home. However, industrial inkjet printers are used outside the average office and general business.

Ink printing is not only used in offices across the globe or even for printing exclusively on paper. Industrial inkjet printers print on labels, food, pharmaceuticals, pallets, boxes, bags, plastic packaging, and other materials in a variety of industries that will be discussed here.

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5 Unique Industries in Ink Printing

  1. Lumber – Special ink is used to mark on wood. The ink must be capable of surviving transport from the lumberyard to the retail storage warehouse and to the consumer’s home or the construction company. The marks must be easily visible, readable, and durable enough to make it throughout the supply chain.
  2. Beverage Industry – Beverages, like milk, soft drinks, juice, and other beverages are marked and coded with barcodes, nutritional data, expiration or sell by dates, and other relevant information that must be imprinted on cans, cartons, plastic bottles, and boxes that contain beverages. Even the pallets used to ship beverages to retail venues are labeled using industrial inks.
  3. Eggs & Poultry Industry – If you look at the eggs you buy at the grocery store, you’ll see a reddish-pink marking on each egg, and barcodes and nutritional data on the carton. Food grade industrial ink is used to stamp the data on the eggs and special industrial inkjet printers print on the egg cartons. This ink must be smear-resistant and last throughout the supply chain.
  4. Medical Industry – Efficient and viable adhesion is one of the major attributes required for printing on medical items. Ink is used to print on x-ray films, IV bags, and rubber tubing. The ink also needs to be alcohol resistant due to sterilization needs.
  5. Aerospace – These inks are much like those used in the beverage industry to print on metal cans or plastic bottles, only they are stronger in various ways. The aerospace industry requires industrial inks and printers that are highly heat resistant and that provide optimal adhesion.

Other industries that use industrial inkjet printers include pharmaceuticals, graphics, and cable and wire.

Each industry comes with different requirements, specifications, and configurations in industrial inkjet systems and inks. Labeling, coding, barcodes, stamping, date stamps, expiration dates, and other imperative and mandatory markings are essential to almost every industry and sector across the world.