Benefits of Using an Automated Garage

We have looked at the various ways a garage can increase the value of the home, but we overlook the basic fact – how important it is to keep the car in the garage in the first place? Let us explore the different benefits you enjoy when you park your car in an automated garage.


This is one of the most obvious benefits of keeping your car in a garage. You get to protect it against the weather elements such as snow and wind. These elements can affect the bodywork of the car and lead to significant damage to the exterior such as rust.

Additionally, hail can lead to falling branches which can lead to scratches and dings on the car surface. With the right garage, you can protect the car from all these, as well as broken windows and all other problems that occur when the vehicle is left out in the open.

You also get to protect the car from weather extremes such as high and freezing temperatures. These temperature extremes lead to the deterioration of the car both inside and outside. You also protect the car from UV damage.

All these effects on the car can be expensive to rectify, which makes the garage one of the top ways to reduce the costs of repairing your vehicle.


The right garage from keeps those people in the car safe at all times because they won’t be exposed to the elements. They are safe from hail, high and low temperatures and other conditions that they might be exposed to when getting in or out of the vehicle.

Fewer Cases of Theft

Your car represents a huge investment, and for most people, they are among the most valuable items that they own. Parking them out of the house leaves the car exposed to theft and vandalism. With a garage, you eliminate the chances of losing your car to thieves or some parts to vandals.

Enjoy Lower Insurance Costs

One of the aspects that insurance companies look at is the way the car has been stored. Proper storage attracts lower insurance costs as compared to a car that hasn’t been well stored.

Additionally, storing a car in a garage keeps the exterior looking great at all times, which retains the resale value of the vehicle.

The Bottom-line

Having the right automated garage makes it easy to protect the car, the occupants and retain the value of the car.