Why Artists Are Using Instagram To Market Their Brands

If you have been following those in the creative space lately, you may have noted that Instagram has become their favorite marketing tool for the last few years. Most of them no longer depend on marketing agencies that used to charge high commissions and thus reduce their overall earnings. Some may argue that social media marketing is a bubble that is likely to burst soon, but it is here to stay. This is because various developers have been rolling out creative features to make marketing more effective. The following are the reasons why artists are using Instagram to market their brands.

    1. Easy to establish an online presence

Not so long ago, artists depended on hand-holding so that they get known to the outside world. Musicians mostly depended on airplay from radios which sometimes required kickbacks. The social media age has made marketing easy for artists as they no longer depend on godfathers. You just have to post quality content and be consistent, and you are good to go. You can post clips and photos of your work for the world to see. Your Instagram account will be your online album that shows all your previous works.

    1. Automation of marketing is a reality

Many upcoming artists miss hundreds of opportunities due to lack of enough finances for their marketing campaigns. Marketing is a very important function but still demands time and financial resources. You can escape the tedious process of searching for hashtags, engaging customers and searching for new followers through automation. You can also schedule your posts for a week or even a month which ensures that you can concentrate on other tasks to improve your career. The nature of features that you get from an automation tool depends on the bot you choose. You can check reviews of some of the best here.

    1. Easy to target customers

The essence of marketing is to get specific results, but sometimes you do not have a way of measuring. A good example is when you pay for an ad on the TV or radio, it is hard to know the number of people who get the message. Instagram allows you to place ads targeting specific people based on features such as region, age, and buying habits just to mention a few. You can also have groups where you post content to your followers and lock out others from the same post. You can use various tools to measure the performance of your campaigns in real-time.

Handicapped Camping

Camping has been touted as a task for the able bodied, but it isn’t. There are many campgrounds across the country that allows those with physical handicaps to enjoy the camping experience. Many of the national and state campsites offer easy access for those with limited mobility. Besides the accessibility, there are trails that are wheelchair friendly.

Understand the Campsite

You need to understand which campsite you are going to and what it offers in form of the amenities and more. You can Google the available campsites in the area and find out whether they offer handicapped camping or not. Some campsites might not advertise this fact, all you need to do is giving them a call and find out whether they have the feature or not.

The campsite needs to be on level ground with pathways that are hard to make sure any person using a wheelchair can enjoy proper navigation. You also need to confirm that the amenities such as showers and restrooms are close by and easy to use.


You need to visit a campsite that has activities geared to the handicapped. These include hiking trips and sightseeing for all ages. You need to confirm whether the site offers guides for this role. For both options, you need trails that are hard ground for proper movement.

One of the top activities that are ideal for the handicapped is fishing. This activity can be enjoyed by anyone from the dock or the river bank. If the site has a pontoon boat, the better. The person can fish from the boat or go on a boat ride just to relax after a day of sightseeing. Such boats are accessible and easy to use even with a walker or a wheelchair.

The Equipment

On your part, you have to load on some camping equipment from Tents and Camp Gear. Some of the major camping gear you need is the tent. You need to choose the tent carefully so that you get one that is more wheelchair friendly. You also need to get a camping cot that is suitable for someone with a handicap as compared to an air mattress. A stand alone table also becomes more convenient as compared to a standard picnic table.


Disability is not always inability. The handicapped also need to have fun. Camping is a good way to experience the outdoors and have fun while at it.

Preparation Tips for a Great Paint Job

A new coat of paint will indeed improve your room(s). However, if you don’t love painting, here’s a roundup of tidbits on how to paint in a way that guarantees stunning end-result. Of course, painting isn’t the only way to spruce up your home that’s why you need to learn about other inexpensive DIY tasks to update your living space. Back to painting, here’s how to prepare.

Get it Right from the Kick-go

This one is a no-brainer. You have to assemble everything you need before starting your project. Gather the tools in middle of your working area. These include rollers, can openers, screwdrivers, hammers, plastic bags, drop cloths,, plastic wraps, and rags.

Do Enough Preparation

You shouldn’t try to do everything the same day. Otherwise, the results may be horrible. Gather your fittings and fixtures in the center of your room a day before painting. Seal any crevices and cracks. Also, put a blue painters tape around your doors and glass window. At the same time, don’t forget to cover the ceiling fixtures using plastic bags.

Remove Everything from the Decks

If possible, make sure that you remove your accessories from the painting area. Clear the wall hangings. Place your lights in the midpoint of your room if you can’t move them out. Be sure to wrap them up with a drop cloth though. Tape the cloth around your furniture and add an additional cover of plastic or sheet over your items.

Remove All the Hardware

Unless you’re a seasoned painter, you should consider removing cabinet hinges and door knobs to prevent drips. Use a zip-top bag to store your hinges, knobs, outlet covers, switch plates and light fixture. Indicate the location of each knob such as top left, bathroom door and so one. It makes it easy for you to fix them back after you’ve finished painting.

Be Prepared

Wear protective clothing. You’ll get drips, no matter how careful you are. You can use some old, clothes when painting. Your shoes should be easy to remove just in case you want to leave the room. That way, you won’t leave paint drops on the floor. Wear a scarf or an old, rugged baseball hat to cover your hair when painting the ceiling. Also, take off your jewelry and use plastic glasses to cover your eyes. Now, it’s time to start painting!