Picking a laser or a rotary machine to engrave

Laser cutting is growing in the manufacturing industry for small business owners and manufacturers. When it comes to picking an engraving system buyers are faced with 2 choices. To select the older rotary method or the newer innovative technology.

Technology is always improving and developing. There are emerging and changing trends in laser equipment. Making laser machines a popular choice compared to previous methods such as the rotary machines.

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There are some differences between previous rotary machines used to engrave

Each method has unique qualities when it comes to the overall look that they can achieve as well as the application that they are best suited on. Both can be used to engrave a wide range of materials and produce stunning results. However, they are quite different in the mechanics of how they operate. 

Rotary system may be more suited to engraving metals, depending on the desired finish

The rotary system can engrave just about any type of metal. It doesn’t matter if the metal is coated or uncoated it can be engraved with a rotating cutter.

Another reason that rotary engraving is preferred for engraving metal is the look that can be achieved. It results in a classic look of engraved metal that is both bright and shiny.

Although a laser system is well suited for many various applications, they do produce a different look when finished. It is one that resembles a printed, black appearance. Thus rotary machines are favored when trying to achieve the traditional look and feel of engraved metal. 

A much faster option

Laser machines are more productive as they excel at proccing faster. In fact, they are suited in producing high quantities of small-sized items quickly. 

Now the most popular choice

Laser machines are the most popular method in the industry today as they have simplified the engraving process further. They are easier to operate and thus more user-friendly.

There are many applications on which laser engraving can be used on and this the laser machine is much more versatile for marking unique materials. Its versatility far outweighs that of a rotary system.

An ideal choice for custom and personalizing work. Which has allowed engravers the opportunity to branch out into new and unique markets.  Very popular to cut and engrave logos onto various applications.

For almost every application laser engraving is a more time effective and cost-effective method. It is also quite an easy and effortless process to complete. Laser engraving is an ideal choice to quickly engrave intricate graphics on various materials and is also a versatile process.

When choosing to select a laser or rotary engraver it is important that the buyer should consider the material to be engraved and the desired visual effect of the finished product.